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The Baffles

When it comes to mortgages, you often find quite a few Baffles clustered about. They love it because there's so much financial jargon, boring paperwork and a bewildering choice of deals. But not to worry, you've come to the right place. Because we're expert at weeding out every pesky little Baffle from the deals we find for you, to make life loads easier.

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First time buyer

Getting your first mortgage can feel like climbing a mountain. So, consider Freedom Mortgages as your mountain guide. We’ll help you to navigate through the whole process (you might even enjoy it).

Apply with us and we’ll advise and support you at every stage of your mortgage application. Our friendly expert advisers will look carefully at your situation and the information you provide and will search over 11,000 products from 90 lenders to find the perfect mortgage to suit you and your life. And not a Baffle in sight.

Call one of our friendly mortgage experts on 0330 335 9903, or simply ask us for a quote.


Remortgaging just means replacing your existing mortgage deal with a new deal.

Remortgage with us, you may be able to get better rates, which could save you quite a large amount on your monthly repayments.

Not only can remortgaging mean better rates, it can also help you to borrow money against your home, so that you can do things like making home improvements, make a dream purchase or even consolidate your existing debts.

If you want to remortgage, our team of fully qualified Baffle-free mortgage advisers can help you find just what you want.

We compare hundreds of remortgage deals from over 90 lenders to make sure you get the perfect deal.

If you do remortgage, just be aware you may have to pay an early repayment charge to your existing lender.

Call one of our friendly mortgage experts on 0330 335 9903, or simply ask us for a quote.

Moving home

As our different lives change, there are times when we need to consider moving home. Perhaps you have a growing family and need more space, or your kids have left home and you want to downsize, or maybe you’ve got a new job in a different area.

However, your life is changing, we believe that moving home is an exciting time and arranging a mortgage should be stress-free and without a Baffle in sight.

To help make things run as smoothly as possible, we’ve got a friendly and dedicated team of fully qualified mortgage advisers who can guide you through your mortgage application from start to finish.

Call one of our friendly mortgage experts on 0330 335 9903, or simply ask us for a quote.

Buy to let

Unlike a mortgage for a home you are going to live in, a buy-to-let mortgage is for properties that you plan to rent out to other people.

Whether you already have a few properties (sometimes impressively called a portfolio), or you are looking to buy your first buy-to-let, we’ll be glad to help find the right mortgage for your plans.

We work in partnership with a large number of quality buy-to-let lenders so we can match you with the best buy-to-let mortgage for your ambitions.

We’ve also got a team of friendly, fully qualified mortgage advisers who are happy to guide you through the application process, helping you to maximise your potential profits from your buy-to-let business.

Call one of our friendly mortgage experts on 0330 335 9903, or simply ask us for a quote.

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